Episode 5 – Making Scientific Research Better

Scientific research is a fundamentally human endeavor. Our innate curiosity drives us to explore and understand the world around us. But as Scott and Casey dig in on this grand topic they learn it can get complicated. Fast. We explore the impact of funding sources on the scientific processes and outcomes. We look at the human incentives for rewarding scientists and ask, are we rewarding the right things? As usual, we find some answers, but even more questions.

Episode 4 – Let’s Go to Alpha Centauri!

We’ve sent humans to the moon. We’ve sent probes to every planet in our solar system. But we’ve never tried to go to another star before.

Yuri Milner has launched the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative to do just that: send man-made probes to the Alpha Centauri system 4.3 light years away.

Casey and Scott dive into this initiative, what it will take to make it happen technically, economically, and what it means for human space exploration.